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Draft Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission (Distribution Code) Regulations, 2017:-

        1. Public Notice(1) Hindi (2) English  2. Draft Regulation  3. Statement of Reasons (SOR)

Notice for cancellation of vacancy.

Order in the matter of Petition for seeking carry forward of Renewable Purchase Obligation of FY 2016-17 amounting to 787.68 MU (Non-Solar) and 161.32 MU (Solar) as per the provisions of UERC (Compliance of Renewable Purchase Obligation) Regulations, 2010.

Hearing Schedule updated on 12.09.2017.

Engagement of Consultant to assist the Commission in examination and analysis of Annual   Performance Review for FY 2017-18, true-up of FY 2016-17 and Tariff Petitions for FY 2018-19 to be filed by the Distribution Licensee, viz. UPCL, Transmission Licensee, viz. PTCUL, SLDC and Generating Company, viz. UJVN Ltd.:- 1.Public notice 2. Terms of Reference