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          Tariff Orders for FY 2018-19: 1. UPCL   2. PTCUL  3. UJVN Ltd.   4. SLDC  5. GIPL   6. SEPL  7. GBHPPL

          Corrigendum on the Tariff Order of UPCL for FY 2018-19.

          Salient features of Tariff Orders for FY 2018-19:-

                1. UPCL: (a) Hindi   (b) English 2. PTCUL: (a) Hindi   (b) English   3. UJVN Ltd.: (a) Hindi   (b) English 4. SLDC: (a) Hindi   (b) English

Inviting comments on the Draft UERC (Terms and Conditions for Determination of Multi Year Tariff) Regulations, 2018:-

(a)Public Notice (1)Hindi (2)English(b)Draft MYT Regulation, 2018  (c)Statement of Reasons (SOR)

Inviting comments on the Draft UERC (Tariff and Other Terms for Supply of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources and non-fossil fuel based Co-generating Stations) Regulations, 2018 :-(a) Public Notice (1) Hindi (2) English (b) Draft RE Regulation, 2018 (c)Statement of Reasons (SOR)

Draft Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and Conditions of Intra-State Open Access) (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2018 :-

 (a). Public Notice(1) Hindi (2) English     (b). Draft Regulation    (c). Statement of Reasons (SOR)